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What Is Knife Heat Treating?

A sturdy, effective knife must strike the correct balance of toughness, hardness, and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, different knives are used for different functions, so it’s often necessary to tweak a knife’s characteristics to be sure it can withstand the task in question.

Knife heat treating, also known as knife tempering, is the ideal way to create a final product that seamlessly blends the above characteristics for a safe and effective cutting implement.

knife heat treating servicesThere’s a lot that goes into the processes of our knife heat treating services to ensure success. Additionally, even minor miscalculations in temperature or other factors can cause major defects in a knife, which will ultimately render it less effective for its intended purpose. This guide explains how knife tempering works and illustrates the impact seemingly minute temperature variations can have.

Rockwell Hardness Testing

The Rockwell Hardness Test is used to determine the hardness of different types of materials, including steel. This test was designed by Stanley P. Rockwell and was first put into practice in 1919. It measures how well a metal can resist penetration by another object.

The testing process is pretty simple; an object, known as an indenter, is pressed into a metal bearing a certain load weight. How far the indenter penetrates into the metal is then measured. Indenters are made from diamond or steel in most cases.

There are actually 30 different types of Rockwell scales used depending on the material being tested and a number of factors are used to determine the best Rockwell scale to use when testing an item. These include the size of the object, its shape, and how homogenous it is (meaning its uniformity). Different Rockwell tests also have inherent limitations, and these will also be considered when determining the best type of test to administer.

How Knife Tempering Works

knife tempering

A key factor which influences our knife heat treating services have to do with a knifes hardness. The harder a knife is, the better it can retain a sharp edge. Sharpness is obviously an important characteristic for a knife to have, no matter its intended usage.

However, heating a knife to make it harder can also make it more brittle. The more brittle a knife is, the higher the chance that the knife will break while being used. Not only is a high breakage rate inconvenient, it can also lead to injury. This is where tempering comes in.

Tempering entails heating a knife to a temperature ranging between 347 and 662°F for a period of about two hours. While it’s important for a knife to be tempered within an hour of it being heated, it’s also important for the blade to be given time to completely cooled down before the tempering process takes place. Additionally, tweaking the temperature during the tempering process can bring about different results:

  • 662°F – Higher temperatures are often used for things like camping knives, which must be sturdy enough to resist breakage in rugged conditions. 
  • 347°F – This temperature would be most useful when creating something like a kitchen knife, which must retain an exceedingly sharp edge.

Tempering at a temperature above 662°F also has an impact on corrosion-resistance. The lower the corrosion-resistance of a blade, the less effective it will be at withstanding damage caused by the elements.

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