Gas Carburizing

Case-Hardening Steel With Gas Carburizing

Specialty Steel Treating is a leading provider of gas carburizing services to many different industries. Our experience with precision metal and steel heat treatment is unrivaled; we have been in this business for 60 years.   In addition to Gas Carburizing services we provide include: case hardening, tempering steel, oil quenching, precipitation hardening and more.  We apply the most advanced best practices to each stage of the treatment process. As a result, we create a more dependable product with unmatched value.

gas carburizing

A Tougher, More Durable Variety of Steel

Gas carburizing is a process that many industries rely on for transforming low-carbon steel elements into pieces with a gradient hardness capable of resisting wear. Untreated low-carbon steel wears at a rate too fast to suit the needs of many industrial and transportation applications; standard low-carbon steel simply cannot stand up to the demands of rail, aerospace, and industrial use. This process makes low-carbon steel more tough, durable, and able to handle the demands of these industries.

Both the machinability of steel and its hardness depend on the amount of carbon present inside its structure. Changing the amount of carbon present transforms the steel so it is more precisely suited to various outcomes. High-carbon steel has a reputation for being very brittle. The steel must have both flexibility and strength. Case-hardening creates a very hard exterior with a tough interior. This is the perfect combination required for today’s most demanding industries.

Creating Tougher Steel Elements

This special case-hardening process is done at precise temperatures overseen by our experienced technicians. This introduces additional carbon into the steel which forms martensitic microstructures following tempering and quenching. The hard-wearing surface is now ready to be fashioned into a variety of elements for widespread applications.

Any flaw in the process can introduce weaknesses into the finished product which is why we implement a high degree of oversight. We create a carbon-rich atmosphere in the furnace with the help of gaseous hydrocarbons; methane, butane, and propane are among the most commonly used. This use of gas distinguishes gas carburizing from other varieties of carburizing.

Serving Industries That Matter

We are pleased to work closely with clients serving some of the hardest-working industries in the world. These are just a few of the industries that depend on us:

  • Rail
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Firearms
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Technical
  • Scientific

Companies have chosen Specialty Steel Treating for generations because we deliver a consistently high-quality product time after time. Our uncompromising approach and commitment to customer service have earned us repeat business for many years.

Contact Specialty Steel Treating today to discuss your business’s individual needs; call us at 586-293-5355. Our team members are here to help develop the perfect solution.

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Wayne Thomas
Wayne Thomas
17:55 19 Jun 17
Before I retired, I was the coordinator for our plant's aerospace, and precision heat treated product, and SST. I couldn't have asked for better quality, and service. I recommend them 100 percent.
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