Industrial Heat Treating and Steel Treatment Services

Find out how one of our three plants can help you achieve the quality and refine your industrial components to achieve your goals. At Specialty Steel Treating, our specialized heat treatment services can offer a wide range of improvements to your industrial process. Find out how industrial heat treating can improve your business model today.

Dynamic Solutions for Your Industry

Regardless of the industrial steel treatment you’re searching for, our innovative team can help you. Here are some industries that we typically work with:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Heavy equipment
  • Firearms
  • Rail
  • Tool and die

Improve the quality of your manufacturing equipment for any industrial use. From heavy equipment to tool and die, take a look at our heat treatment options to find the best option for your needs.

Improved Durability Through Case Hardening

Do you have steel components that are consistently breaking? Our case hardening treatments can improve the durability of your metal components. Don’t let soft metals and dull, bent or broken components cost you time and money.

Industrial Heat Treatment SolutionsWhile there are many ways to harden metals, case hardening is unique. The outer layer of your case-hardened tool will be significantly more durable, but the interior will remain soft. There are a number of reasons this procedure could be more beneficial for industrial use. Parts that have low carbon levels tend to resist other hardening procedures. By diffusing carbon, nitrogen or other elements into the outer layer, the part will be dramatically more durable.

At SST, we typically use three basic strategies when it comes to case hardening your industrial parts:

  • Vacuum carburize
  • Gas carburize
  • Carbonitrade
  • Gas nitride

Gas carburizing involves diffusing carbon to the outer layer of your solid ferrous alloy component. After quenching, it’s tempered to harden the surface layer effectively. This process can also be achieved by diffusing in a vacuum. The steel component is austenitized and diffused in a vacuum, then oil or gas is used to quench it.

Carbonitriding steel can improve both hardness and wear resistance. This process involved heating steel in a gaseous environment. The nitrogen and carbon are both absorbed into the surface of your industrial component.

Each of these methods is used to create a firm, outer layer on your component without compromising the core. Case hardening is an excellent way to improve wear resistance and strength.

Versatile Quenching Heat Treatments

Another excellent way to improve the durability of your industrial components is quenching. Discover why quenching is a popular industrial steel treating technique that you can use to improve the operation of your manufacturing facilities.

We perform a variety of quenching heat treatments depending on the exact material and usage. Here is a list of some popular ways to improve your metal components through quenching:

  • Marquenching
  • Normalizing
  • Case Hardening
  • Roll quenching
  • Plug quenching
  • Press quenching
  • Neutral hardening
  • Bright hardening
  • Precipitation hardening
  • Oil quenching

Quenching heat treatment is particularly effective for heavy machinery components, but can be applicable to your manufacturing equipment.

Unparalleled Quality and Performance

Our mission is to improve the performance of your parts. We hold all of our industrial heat treatments to the highest standards, so you can count on our services. Integrity is the foundation of our company, and we’re proud to be the only approved industrial heat treatment companies for specialized helicopter and aerospace companies.

At SST, we handle a variety of industrial segments for a number of different projects, offering many cost-effective solutions

From electronics, to engineering, mining and consumer products, SST covers it all. Our success in these areas is due to the breadth of processes available through our company and the extensive technical resources our highly-trained employees have on hand. This allows us to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions for all of our valued customers.

Improve Your Industrial Operations Today

If you’re ready to increase productivity and safety standards at your industrial location, contact us today. Join our extensive list of high-profile customers who are on the cutting edge of manufacturing and production. Whether you’re a small business just starting out in your industry or an international industrial corporation, our heat treatment services can help you achieve greater levels of performance and precision.

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Covers an array of manufacturing equipment, each with a unique thermal processing requirement

Sticks to strict manufacturer specifications to ensure reliability of finished products

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