About Specialty Steel Treating

about specialty steel treating

About Specialty Steel Treating:

Specialists In Precision Controlled Heat Treating

Founded in 1956, Specialty Steel Treating has been performing precision steel heat treatment for more than 60 years. SST services numerous industries, ranging from but not limited to: Aerospace (military, commercial aircraft, space shuttle), Automotive & Truck, Industrial Bearing, Heavy Equipment and Tool & die. We have always put quality and customer service as the forefront of our business philosophy.

Some of the steel heat treatment services we provide include: case hardening, tempering steel, oil quenching, precipitation hardening and more.

SST is the only approved commercial heat treat company in the country to heat treat certain flight critical and flight safety configurations for prime aerospace and helicopter companies. The result: a stringent system of quality and control that we pass on to all of our customers, regardless of the industry. “People make a company. We believe we have exceptional associates at Specialty Steel at every level. The dedication, service, and expertise our staff presents to the company and to the industry is the main reason for SST’s success throughout the years.”

Mission Statement

SST continually invests in new technologies and quality driven programs.
The three plants of SST are proud of the Quality and Service
accomplishments we currently hold.


To exceed customer expectations in regards to Quality, Delivery and Cost.


To maintain the highest level of integrity to our customers and for our industry.


To maximize Productivity and Efficiency of all business activities through a program of Continuous Improvement.

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