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Get oil quenching solutions from our professional team at Specialty Steel Treating, Inc. We offer a wide array of services, including batch, plug, roll, and press fixture quenching. When you turn to us, you can expect quality, integrity, and better performance. Keep reading to learn more about our oil quenching services, and how we can help you.

What Is Oil Quenching?

Oil quenching metals

The oil quenching process is used in the heat treatment of metals. During this process, a piece of metal is rapidly cooled to change its individual properties. Examples of common properties include toughness, strength, durability, and hardness. If you rapidly cool the metal, you reduce the amount of time it spends at high temperatures, which can prevent defects from occurring.

Oil quenching a fixture plug

The Many Benefits of Oil Quenching

Heat treated metal parts perform better. They resist wear and maintain their form while under pressure. However, there are many issues that can occur during heat treatment. Quenching oil for steel can help avoid some of these issues. 

The benefits of quenching oil include:

  • Quick Transfers: Oil quenching can quickly transfer heat without changing the structure of the metal 
  • Versatility: There are numerous options available, allowing you to customize the process to meet your needs
  • Adjustable: It is easy for you to adjust the oils
  • Little to No Defects: Quenching oil for steel can prevent defects from occurring during the production process

The Types of Oils That Are Used in Quenching

Process of oil quenching metal

You can use many types of oils to quench steel. Some oils control distortion and reduce the risk of cracking an alloy, while other oils alter the length of the different stages of the cooling process. The two main types of oils used for quenching include:

Fast Oils

As the name suggests, fast oils cool items as quickly as possible. Fast oils reduce the amount of time the metal spends during the vapor stage while extending the boiling stage. This is ideal for certain alloys and low-carbon steel.

Hot Oils

Hot oils are always used at high temperatures and prevents temperature variations during the quenching process, which protects the metal against defects, cracks, and distortions. Although this process takes a bit longer, the end result will be more uniform.

Different Methods of Oil Quenching

There are several methods of oil quenching. These include:

Batch Quenching

Batch quenching helps you cool as many pieces of metal as possible. When you use this flexible process, you’ll notice an increase in your production rates. You can also customize the batch quenching process to include automation. If you want to save time, this is probably the best option to choose.

Press Fixture Quenching

The goal of press fixture quenching is to help you reduce distortion as much as possible. During this process, you will hold the part flat and round as it is being cooled. Then, you uniformly distribute oil to all internal and external surfaces. You must have exceptional control during the process to ensure the integrity of the final result.

Plug Quenching

Plug quenching can help you control the final dimensions of the product. Usually, there’s a plug inserted into the bore, which helps you control the dimensions during the hardening process. Manufacturers typically use plug quenching to produce gears and washers.

Roll Quenching

During the roll quenching process, a metallic piece is rolled from side to side to ensure uniform cooling. This process can be applied to both large and small pieces of metal. The roll rate must be controlled carefully to ensure the process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

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