Tool & Die

At SST, we’re constantly updating our steel heat treatment processes and technology to make sure our tool & die services exceed our customers’ expectations.

From welding fixtures to machine tools, to stamping and extrusion dies and complex inspection and assembly, SST can handle it all. Each category has a specific thermal processing requirement, and we know the current standards by heart. Our expert services ensure that what our customers need — we can do.

Some of the heat treatment services SST offers to the tool and die industry include: case hardening, gas nitriding, quenching steel, tempering steel, surface hardening, and more. Contact us today for more details.

Benefits for Tool & Die

Strengthen enough to withstand operational loading, maximize toughness in areas where subjected to impact

Harden to resist maximum wear and tear with frequent usage over time

Featured Customers

  • Bell helicopter
  • Boeing
  • Nasa
  • Sikorsky

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