Vacuum Heat Treatment

vacuum heat treatment

To bring out the best in your metal parts and the products they make up, you’ve got to make sure they’re properly treated.

Vacuum heat treatment services offer a number of benefits for both the appearance as well as the overall structure of metal. Our steel heat treatment professionals here at Specialty Steel Treating are here to let you in on the great news and full range of advantages when it comes to vacuum heat treatment services.

Some common types of vacuum treatments include vacuum oil quenching, pressure quenching, vacuum brazing, furnace brazing, and annealing steel.

Reduce Chances of Distortion with Vacuum Heat Treatments

For all its benefits, metal can sometimes distort, and you especially don’t want it distorting in a way that could cause an accident or any other kind of harm to users or those around them.

By investing in heat treating services, you reduce the possibilities of metal parts distorting, boosting the overall quality of products made with your metal parts.

No Need for Further Cleaning

vacuum heat treating

Another great thing about vacuum heat treatments is metal parts don’t have to be cleaned again afterward. This goes a long way in saving you time and could save you money as well.

What could be better than metal parts that aren’t so easy to distort and look absolutely fantastic at the same time?

Metal Isn’t Scalded or Discolored

You don’t have to worry about metal being scalded when it comes to vacuum heat treatments. What’s more is this specific type of treatment doesn’t discolor your metal, which could result in a waste of resources as well as a waste of your precious business time.

Depending on your experience, you might already be well aware of how standard heat treating methods can sometimes wreak havoc on the physical and structural properties of metal.

Ready for More Forming

Going back to how vacuum heat treating can go a long way in saving you time, your parts will be ready for more forming after their treatment. You don’t have to wait over the weekend, which can result in your overall productivity falling behind. Now your parts are ready for the next step in the process, allowing you to take care of more orders and customers.

A Safer Way to Treat Metal 

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to treating metal, and treating metal in a vacuum is one of the safest methods you could utilize. Specifically, vacuum heat treatments don’t require the use of gasses that can catch fire, are pollution and oxygen free and can be completed without worrying about harmful contaminants.

In fact, the treatment method is free of any health hazards, making it easier for you to remain OSHA compliant and safeguard the health of your employees.

Improved Chemical and Mechanical Properties

Vacuum heat treating does much more for the overall chemical and mechanical properties of metal than those mentioned above. For instance, vacuum treated metal is resistant to corrosion and has improved hardness, elasticity, ductility and tensile as well as shear strength.

With these improved properties, you might find you have the capabilities to do more with your treated metal parts, which could result in a new line of products are new innovations to currently existing products.

Energy Efficiency

There’s no reason your metal parts can’t look great and have improved physical properties and not benefit the environment. Changes in technology have made it easier than ever for companies big and small to engage in more environmentally friendly practices, and vacuum heat treatments are no exception.

Not only is overall energy efficiency great for the environment, it’s great for your company’s overall bottom line and public image as well.

The experienced pros of SST have much more information to share about the wide range of advantages of vacuum heat treating. Take your metal parts and your business to the next level.

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