Vacuum Brazing Services

Vacuum Brazing Services

Metal components are necessary and vital for construction and various other projects and products. Some of these products include technology that goes into your computer and smartphone. Creating these products requires a reliable joining technique from a metal treating company that understands metallurgy. This technique creates the right shape or frame for any product involving the joining of metal materials. There are times when simple welding, which while effective can often look messy, just doesn’t make the grade. This is where options such as the vacuum brazing services at Specialty Steel Treating come into play.

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What Is Vacuum Brazing?

Brazing is one technique of joining two pieces of metal at a joint using a special metal filler. The brazing temperature is lower than the melting points of the two joining pieces. The filler material is different than the main two pieces. The filler material has a lower melting point, also. The brazing process melts the filler into place to connect the two metal pieces. High-temperature applications typically use brazing. Most furnaces used for this must be able to meet or exceed 1200 degrees Celsius.

A vacuum furnace completes the vacuum brazing process. A vacuum furnace is a special device designed for furnace brazing, sintering, annealing and heat treating metals while surrounding them by a vacuum. This creates a low-contamination environment, particularly lacking in oxides which can alter the color or appearance of the metal in use. The furnace brazing process results in a high-strength, flux-free and clean joint.

Advantages to Vacuum Brazing

The process of heating any type of metal has a tendency to alter its makeup, particularly when dealing with metallurgical temperatures. Traditional brazing exposes metals to oxides and other chemicals that could compromise the integrity of the joint or the metal pieces. However, a vacuum environment protects the metals and filler during the joining process.

Advantages to brazing in a vacuum include that the environment is free of contaminants, so the metal comes out shiny, bright and clean. There is better uniformity of temperature throughout all of the metal, and the process of heating and cooling the metal slowly reduces the residual stress, helping the metals to maintain their integrity and strength. Some vacuum furnaces have a quick cooling option known as quenching, which involves the use of Argon, an inert gas. In addition, the brazing, heat treating, and age hardening can conveniently all be done in one furnace cycle, saving time. This is one reason why vacuum brazing is a great option for high-volume production.

Vacuum brazing is ideal for many different applications. Vacuum brazing requires a high attention to detail and expertise.  It’s vital you select an approved metal treatment company with approved vacuum brazing services, equipment, and processes.

Examples of Brazing Filler Metals:

  • Silver-copper
  • Copper-zinc
  • Copper-phosphorous
  • Palladium
  • Nickel

Brazing Industry Applications:

  • Computer technology
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Automotive

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