Heavy Equipment

Specialty Steel Treating covers a number of manufacturing services for heavy machinery, each with a unique thermal processing requirement design to build-up strength.

At SST, we provide a variety of steel heat treatment and thermal treatments for a number of heavy components. Our company has extensive capabilities and decades of experience in heat treatment processes of materials for these types of machines, making them stronger and more durable for operational use. This specialized engineering segment extends from construction and earth-moving equipment through quarrying machines, and many more.

Some of the heat treatment services SST offers to the heavy equipment industry include: oil quenching, tempering steel, quenching steel, gas carburizing, surface hardening, and more. Contact us today for more details.

Benefits for Heavy Equipment

After treatment, equipment becomes more reliable with a longer lifespan, being able to withstand higher stress levels

Heavy-duty machines are often pushed to their limits, our processes offer optimal performance standards

Featured Customers

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Dana

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