Press Quenching

press quenching

Retain essential dimensional characteristics in your precision parts with press quenching services. Learn how Specialty Steel Treating uses press quenching and fixture quenching methods to alter the hardness and other features of your metal components without affecting the dimensions. Enjoy quality parts with reduced warping, distortion and other features that can waste time and material in your manufacturing process.

Fundamentals of Press Quenching

Press quenching allows your workpieces to undergo oil quenching with dramatically less distortion. While the process doesn’t remove all distortions that may occur during the typical quenching process, it can improve the overall quality and precision.

The process requires tooling that is properly maintained to provide adequate and precise pressure. After a component is removed from the furnace it is placed onto the lower die of a press quench. Next, the lower die is loaded into the machine and the upper die descends. Pressure is applied to both dies in a regulated system to ensure the component retains its engineered dimensions.

There are many factors that need to be carefully controlled to ensure a proper press quench service. First, the tooling needs to accurately form around the component to prevent distortion. Any errors in the die can actually create additional distortions rather than prevent them. The quenchant, temperature and pressure of the process needs to be carefully controlled throughout the operation to create components that meet our strict quality assurance standards.

Advantages of the Press or Fixture Quench Process

The most important advantage of press quenching is the improved efficiency of the entire manufacturing process. Many components that go through oil quenching are greatly distorted, which requires them to be removed and recycled. This can be a costly process that reduces the productivity of your facility and affects your bottom line.

Press, roll and fixture quenching are similar and efficient ways to reduce the tolerance of the quenching process and avoid excessive loss of imprecise components. To keep the process moving efficiently, it’s essential to work with a steel treating company that offers quality assurance and parts sampling.

At Specialty Steel Treating, we work with experienced engineers who understand the manufacturing and steel treating process and are able to watch for common quality assurance concerns. We carefully watch the temperature of the components throughout the process and regularly maintain our press quench dies and other equipment to ensure industry-leading performance.

Important Considerations

There are a number of press quenching parameters that need to be followed in order to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Here are some common areas that we carefully inspect to reduce component distortion:

  • Direction of quenchant flow
  • Part positioning and die design
  • Transfer time
  • Quenchant temperature, pressure and quantity
  • Die pressure, design and maintenance

Issues with the press tooling or a machine can create its own set of problems. Worn-out press quench tooling can lead to additional distortion and compromised component quality instead of improving your manufacturing performance.

Choose a company that can tailor each of these features to meet your industrial needs. Whether you’re creating automotive parts, oil and gas equipment or specialized defense components, enjoy the strictest standards for quality and uniformity. Don’t let distorted components delay a special order or affect your bottom line due to excessive errors and discarded workpieces.

Learn More With Specialty Steel Treating

Work with a steel treatment leader to ensure press quenching services that improve your bottom line. Request a quote today to compare our quenching and other heat treatment services and discover how press and fixture quenching can improve your production and deliver the results you need. Receive reliable quality assurance from our team and take advantage of our 60-plus years of service in the industry.

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