Secondary Processing Services


Serving a variety of industry sectors, SST offers a number of Secondary processing services, including deep freezing, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, and the use of cryogenics. All of these methods account for an increase in material hardness and toughness, wear resistance and malleability.

Capable of performing all of these services and more, we’re pleased to accommodate your Secondary heat treating servicing needs. To learn more about these select services, contact SST today.

Deep Freeze

Deep freezing typically occurs after heating and quenching, and this operation is applied to reduce the level of retained austenite in the final microstructure.  SST offers deep freeze to -120°F as well as cryogenics to -300°F


A hardening process that cools the material to extremely low temperatures using liquid nitrogen, making sure no austenite is retained during quenching. This helps to increase wear resistance.

Stress Relieve

Process of heating metal to a suitable temperature and then holding that temperature for a certain amount of time to reduce residual stresses. The part is then slowly cooled to further minimize the risk of developing new residual stresses.


A heat treatment process in which the steel is heated to a temperature below the transformation range, held for a suitable time, and then cooled. The result is decreased hardness and increased toughness.


A heat treatment process in which metal is heated to and then held at a sitable temperature, followed by slowly cooling at a suitable rate. This process is used to soften metals and increase the malleability.

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