Eliminate problems associated with shifting barrels in order to reduce firearm downtime with the help of SST’s firearms heat treating services.

Stress normally causes a barrel, whether in rifles, pistols or shotguns, to warp as it heats up from constant firing. High volume precision firearm components are heat treated at SST. Our heat treatment processes result in a firearm with increased performance, resulting in accuracy improvements and an extended overall lifetime. Firearms are also noticeably easier to clean and maintain after such treatments, ensuring that they stay operational and on target.

SST has been providing thermal processing of precision gun parts to all of the major firearm manufacturers in the Northeast for over 25 years with parts ranging in size from the 50 Caliber barrels to as small as sights. If you are interested or have questions related to: cryogenic rifle barrel treatments, barrel nitriding services, phosphate vs nitride, melonite vs nitride, parkerized vs nitride barrel treatments contact us today.

Some of the heat treatment services SST offers to the firearms industry include: case hardening, tempering steel, gas nitriding, surface hardening, and more. Contact us today for more details.

Benefits for Firearms

Increase accuracy in all different kinds of firearms

The ability to use firearms for longer durations, lessens the likelihood of error

Quick turn times

Large or small volume

High quality product

Featured Customers

  • Sig Sauer
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Savage Arms
  • Colt Firearms

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