The Vacuum Carburizing Process

The know-how to harden steel and iron has been around for ages, but technological advancements have made the process faster than ever. With the vacuum carburizing process, producers of steel and iron materials can make equipment at an efficient pace without sacrificing quality.

vacuum carburizing process

What Is the Vacuum Carburizing Process?

The vacuum carburizing process involves taking iron, steel or alloy steel and infusing it with carbon in order to make it harder. First, the metal is placed in a vacuum furnace and heated to the correct temperature. Then propane gas is released into the furnace. As a result of the heat, the propane breaks down into the elements carbon, hydrocarbon and hydrogen. The carbon diffuses into the metal, making it harder.

What Are the Results?

Carburized steel and iron have unique advantages over untreated metals, such as:

  • Less corrosion
  • Added strength
  • Improved wear resistance

Like carburization using solids or plasma, the vacuum method allows operators to determine the amount of carbon diffused into the metal by controlling how long carburization occurs. The resulting carburized metal retains a flexible core while gaining a more durable exterior.

Why Choose Vacuum Over Traditional Carburizing Methods?

The benefits of vacuum carburizing affect not only the bottom line, but the environment. Unlike carburization using solids or gas, the vacuum process doesn’t release any harmful chemicals. The process is also faster than traditional methods because propane breaks down into its components so quickly. Finally, the temperature needed to facilitate carburization is much lower when using a vacuum furnace. This can save both time and money, since heating takes less energy and reaching the appropriate temperature doesn’t take as much time.

Who Offers This Service?

If you’re in need of vacuum carburizing services, Specialty Steel Treating works with a number of different industries, including automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment. Call us at 586-293-5355 or contact us online to place your order today.

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