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Specialty Steel Treating is Your Heat Treatment Company

Specialty Steel Treating is a heat treatment company that has been working in the ancient art of metallurgy for over 60 years. Our staff consists of dedicated experts who value integrity, strive to surpass customer expectations, and work to maximize efficiency and productivity.

heat treatment company

We Have Experience Working With Multiple Industries

The industries we have worked with include the automotive, aerospace, and rail industries. Since opening a plant in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Specialty Steel Treating has been working hand in hand with the automotive industry to supply superior parts such as pinion gear sets, carburized ring, and universal joints, among others. We are the only heat treatment company in the country to provide precision heat treating to flight-critical and flight-safety configurations for aerospace companies such as Bell Helicopter and Boeing. We continue to adapt to the ever-changing rail industry in order extend the life expectancy of components for clients such as Amsted Rail. Here are some of the other industries we have partnered with since 1956:

  • Tool and Die
  • Firearms
  • Heavy Equipment

We Provide Primary and Secondary Processing Services

Primary processing services include quenching heat treatment and case hardening.

  • Quenching Heat: Metal is heated above critical temperature, then cooled by the help of oil or a similar agent. This augments the metal’s durability and improves mechanical properties.
  • Case Hardening: Used on gears and other machine parts that frequently rotate, case hardening leave the core of the metal soft while strengthening its outer surface, which increases wear resistance and prevents metal fatigue.

In addition to primary processing, we offer secondary services like tempering, which adjusts the hardness of the metal. We also provide the following secondary services:

  • Stress relieving
  • Annealing
  • Deep Freezing and Cryogenics

These are just a few of the heat treatments that Specialty Steel Treating provides. Call us today at 586-293-5355, and we look forward to working with you.

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Wayne Thomas
Wayne Thomas
17:55 19 Jun 17
Before I retired, I was the coordinator for our plant's aerospace, and precision heat treated product, and SST. I couldn't have asked for better quality, and service. I recommend them 100 percent.
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