Why Gas Nitriding Creates Better Metal

If you want a more durable metal, get powerful results at a reasonable price with our gas nitriding process. It can be used on many different types of steel. Typically, it is used with low-carbon steel, since it lacks the toughness of the higher carbon varieties. Case hardening brings the surface strength up in cases where more durability is needed, such as gears, crankshafts, and die-cast tools.

gas nitriding process

How the Gas Nitriding Process Works

This case-hardening process uses a nitrogen-rich gas, typically ammonia, to form a nitride layer on a piece of heated steel. As the ammonia contacts the hot surface, it disassociates into hydrogen and nitrogen. At a molecular level, the nitrogen forms a strong attraction to the metal cation. The result is metal that is stronger and more reliant than untreated steel.

Why Gas Nitriding Is Effective

There are many positives to using the gas nitriding method when case hardening. By adjusting the amount of ammonia gas, this process provides fine control over the thickness and makeup of the nitride layer. This is easily done thanks to modern technology, with computers closely monitoring the ammonia release and gas nitriding temperature.

It’s easy to create huge quantities of the materials, so long as you have a large enough furnace and high enough glass flow. The ability to case harden large batches keeps the costs on this method low. The large amounts of nitride-rich gas also fully coat the piece of metal. Instead of treating each part of the exterior individually, the whole product is case hardened quickly.

Get Stronger Metal Now

You know that case hardening is necessary for your business, so contact us today to learn more about our nitrided steel. We’ll help you figure out exactly what case hardening can do for you. We can walk you through anything you need to know about the process and show you our reasonable prices.

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