Barrel Nitriding Service

barrel nitriding service

Work with Specialty Steel Treating today to discover why we’re a premier barrel nitriding service provider. Find out how this service can improve the corrosion resistance and durability of your barrel today and compare common barrel coatings to find the best option today. Whether you’re searching for dependable services for a single barrel or starting a commercial relationship for all your manufacturing needs, find out how you can benefit from this premier service.

Why Use a Barrel Nitriding Service?

A nitrided barrel is a popular option for AR-15 rifles. While there are many options for case hardening rifle barrels, nitriding offers many advantages. Typically, this process involves either a salt bath nitriding or nitrocarburizing to properly treat a barrel.

A salt bath uses a liquid salt solution that is usually heated between 750 degrees Fahrenheit and 1050 degrees Fahrenheit. Barrel nitriding and polishing creates a black coating that is resistant to corrosion and withstands extreme temperatures.

Phosphate vs Nitride Barrel

Another popular barrel treatment is phosphate coating. When you compare phosphate vs nitride, this inexpensive option is used in military applications due to its low cost and extreme durability. Phosphate coating can be applied to both the barrel and bolt carrier group for rugged rifle components capable of operating in extreme situations.

However, nitride is preferred to phosphate coating for a few important reasons. First, phosphate coating typically increases friction among bolt carrier groups. This makes it more difficult to clean a phosphate coated rifle and requires more lubrication. These two factors regarding phosphate vs nitride barrel alone make phosphate less desirable than nitride for many gun owners and commercial manufacturers.

Melonite vs Nitride

Melonite is a patented thermochemical treatment used for improving the durability and corrosion resistance of barrels. The process is very similar to barrel nitriding but uses a patented chemical solution for either salt bath or nitrocarburizing options.

While some features and specifications may vary slightly, you can expect another barrel nitriding service to offer similar benefits and capabilities as patented Melonite servicing. Both diffuse nitrogen and carbon into ferrous barrel materials in high-temperature situations.

Benefits of Premier Barrel Nitriding Services

Compared to other coatings and case hardening strategies, nitriding offers competitive corrosion resistance. You can expect a nitrided barrel to withstand up to four times the amount of corrosion as chrome or similar materials.

Nitriding can offer corrosion resistance to low and medium carbon steel, stainless and austenitic steel, alloy steel, tool and die steels and cast and sintered iron. The exact benefits and specifications of nitriding depend on the type of steel used, but each of these options can benefit from nitriding.

Another major benefit is that nitriding coats both the interior and exterior of your rifle barrel. This allows you to enjoy corrosion resistance on all surfaces of your rifle barrel. While nitriding may be more of an investment than a phosphate coating, this barrel service is more cost-effective than chrome lining or other barrel solutions.

There are, of course, disadvantages to choosing a barrel nitriding service. If nitriding occurs at a lower temperature, your barrel may experience reduced heat resistance. Ensure you choose a quality barrel nitriding service provider with ISO certification to ensure optimal heat resistance during normal use.

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